Bible and Biblical Interpretation

Text Study

Carol Bakhos

  • The Book of Genesis in Rabbinic Literature
  • The Sacrifice of the Sons of Abraham in Judaism and Islam
  • The Sons of Abraham in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • What’s Abrahamic about Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Marc Zvi Brettler

  • How to Read the Bible
  • The Hebrew Bible and the New Testament: One Jewish Perspective
  • The Ten Commandments in the Bible and in American Life
  • How did the Bible become the Bible?
  • The Bible as an Ancient Near Eastern Text
  • Is There Such a Thing as Jewish Biblical Interpretation?/How Do Jews Interpret the Bible?
  • Is the Bible Kosher? Biblical Food Laws
  • Song of Songs: Love and Sex in the Bible
  • Rabbinic Prayer: Continuity and Discontinuity with the Bible
  • Is the Bible Fair?
  • Will the Real Biblical God Please Stand Up?
  • Right and Rite in the Bible
  • Notions of Biblical Revelation
  • A Biblical Perspective on the Haggadah
  • The book of Psalms
  • The book of Judges
  • Feminist and Anti-Feminist Visions in the Bible
  • From the Bible to The Rabbis: Late Biblical Texts as Transitional
  • Prayer in the Bible
  • Is the Bible True?
  • Genesis as History/ Genesis as History and Myth
  • Biblical Views of Intermarriage
  • Symphony and Cacophony in the Bible
  • Law and the Bible
  • Who were the Prophets?
  • On Biblical Translations

Reuven Firestone

  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: Adam and Eve in the Garden
  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: Cain and Abel
  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: Noah and the Flood
  • A Family Feud: Sarah & Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael–Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An
  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: The Story of Joseph
  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife
  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: Moses and the Burning Bush
  • The Exodus from Egypt: Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An
  • Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An: The Sinai Experience
  • Tzedakah: Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An
  • Kosher/Halal Food Laws: Comparative Text Study in the Bible & Qur’An

Robert Goldenberg

  • Who Were the Prophets, and What Were They Trying to Do?

Christine E. Hayes

  • God’s Critics: Ancient Perspectives on Morality and Biblical Law
  • Where is an Authentic Jewish Life Possible? Center and Diaspora in Classical Jewish Sources

Ruth Langer

  • The Bible in Jewish Life
  • The Bible in Jewish Prayer

Amy-Jill Levine

  • Agreeing to Disagree: How Jews and Christians Read Scripture Differently
  • Jesus’ Parables in their Jewish Context

Laura Lieber

  • The Song of Songs: From the Bible to Today

Jodi Magness

  • Samson in Stone: New Discoveries in the Ancient Synagogue at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee
  • Ossuaries and the Burials of Jesus and James
  • The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Carol Meyers

  • All About Eve: The Latest Word on the First Lady
  • Women in the Bible: Who Are They and What Did They Do?
  • Work and Worth: Women’s Household Activities in Ancient Israel (ppt)
  • Women and Music in Ancient Israel (ppt)
  • Miriam, Music, and Miracles
  • The Menorah in the Bible: From Moses to the Maccabees (ppt)
  • Was Ancient Israel a Patriarchal Society?
  • Barely Visible but Very Real: The Religious Culture of Israelite Women (ppt)
  • Women and Wisdom: Biblical Images, Lofty and Lowly (ppt?)
  • What Did David Eat? Daily Fare in Biblical Times

Jeffrey Shoulson

  • Not Your Hebrew School Bible: Sex, Lies, and Love in the Torah

Benjamin D. Sommer

  • Seeing a Sound: Revelation at Sinai in the Bible and Jewish Tradition
    • The Earliest Torahs: Revelation and Lawgiving according to J, E, and P
    • The Earliest Torah Commentary: D’s Account of the Lawgivng
  • The Two Torahs, and What They Tell Us about How the Rabbis Remade Judaism
  • How to Read Biblical Poetry
  • The Psalms in Ancient Israelite Worship and in Contemporary Jewish Worship
  • What is Midrash, Really?

Steven Weitzman

  • The Origin of the Jews: From Genesis to the New Genetics
  • Genealogical Bewilderment: Science and Skepticism in the Search for Jewish Ancestors
  • The Search for Solomon’s Mines: A Misadventure Story

Yael Zerubavel

  • The Bible in Popular Israeli Culture