Maya Balakirsky Katz

  • The Sacred Geography of Contemporary Hasidism

Murray Baumgarten

  • New York Jewish Writers and the Argument for Justice

Judah M. Cohen

  • Debbie Friedman as Liturgist, Composer, and Musician
  • The Cantor in American Jewish Life
  • What We Can Learn from Holocaust-themed Musicals
  • The Sound of Jewish Life” title to “Emerging American Jewish Sounds:  The (Intentionally) Forgotten 19th Century

Steven M. Cohen

  • The Shrinking Jewish Middle: The Impact of High Intermarriage and Low Fertility on American Jewry
  • From the Sovereign Self to Partial Jews: Generational Shifts in Jewish Identity
  • Ensuring Our Jewish Future: A Special Message for Parents and Grandparents
  • From Peoplehood to Purposeful: The Emerging Identities of Younger Adult American Jews
  • Distancing or Distress? American Jews’ Changing Relationship with Israel
  • From Chosen People to People Who Choose: The Panorama of Diversity in American Jewry
  • The Major Challenges Facing Jewish Leaders and Synagogues Today

David G. Dalin

  • Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court: From Brandeis to Kagan
  • The Extraordinary “RBG”: The Life and Legal Career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first Jewish Woman on the U.S. Supreme Court
  • The Presidents of the United States: From FDR to Donald Trump
  • Baseball’s Greatest Jewish Superstars: Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax

Deborah Dash Moore

  • Urban Origins of American Judaism
  • Jews and American Cities

Lynn R. Davidman

  • The Whitening of the Jewish Immigrants
  • Stories of Leaving Hasidic Life
  • Tensions Between Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Jewish Life

Nathaniel Deutsch

  • The rise of Haredi Judaism and the Future of the Jewish People
  • The Status of Women in Contemporary Haredi Communities
  • The Role of Minhag (custom) in the Creation of Modern Jewish Movements

Arnold Dashefsky

  • Charitable Choices among American Jews
  • Interfaith Marriage and Jewish Journeys: What Does the Future Hold for American Jews?
  • Will the Jewish People Endure? Changes in Jewish Identity through Time and Place
  • Tradition and Change: The Rise and Fall and Rise (?) of Conservative Judaism
  • American Anti-Semitism: Grounds for Optimism or Pessimism?

Matt Goldish

  • Screening of the Melton Center film, “The Other Men in Black: The Hasidic Movement Yesterday and Today,” with discussion

Samuel Heilman

  • American Orthodoxy: Sliding to the Right?
  • Jews and the Presidential Elections
  • Lubavitchers, the Mission and the Rebbe
  • How Did Fundamentalism Infiltrate Modern Orthodoxy?
  • The Future of American Judaism
  • Religious Fundamentalism
  • Hastening the Messiah: Jewish Messianism Today
  • Hasidism in America
  • When A Jew Dies: The Ethnography of Jewish Death
  • The Writing on the Wall: Jewish Brooklyn and Queens as seen in Posters

Debra Renee Kaufman

  • Telling Our Stories and Creating Ourselves: Jewish Identity in the Making
  • The Importance of Being Narrative: Separating the Researcher from the Research
  • Whose Story Counts When Counting Jews?
  • What Does Religion Have to Do With Jewish Identity?
  • Beyond Belief, Behavior and Belonging: Can You Still Be Jewish?
  • What Place the Holocaust in Contemporary Identity Narratives Among Young Adults in the US and Israel
  • ‘Doing Justice’ and Post Holocaust Jewish Identity
  • Making the Secular Sacred: Holocaust Narratives and Jewish Identity
  • Better the Devil You Know: Feminist Women, Orthodoxy and Choice
  • Ba’alot Teshuvah: Revivalists or Traditionalists?
  • Paradoxical Politics and Newly Orthodox Jewish Women

Shaul Kelner

  • American Jews: A Changing Community

Josh Lambert

  • “Strange Times to Be a Jew”: American Jewish Literature in the 21st Century
  • “Are Jews Pornographers?”: Obscenity and Jews in America, from the Comstock Laws to Sarah Silverman
  • Jewish Literature as Conspiracy
  • What can we learn from American Jewish Fiction?

James Loeffler

  • A Long Tradition?: How Jewish Lawyers Remade International Law and Reinvented Jewishness

Howard Lupovitch

  • Does Judaism have a Diversity Requirement?
  • Israelis and American Jews: Do We still Speak the Same Language?

Ted Merwin

  • Mixed Blessings: Jewish-Christian Intermarriage in American Comedy
  • Between the Sheets: Sex in Jewish Culture

David N. Myers

  • American Shtetl: Kiryas Joel, New York

Pamela S. Nadell

  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Out of Tragedy Comes Social Justice
  • Tevye’s Daughters in America
  • Blacks and Jews; Struggles in the American Promised Land
  • Telling the American Jewish Story on Independence Mall: The National Museum of American Jewish History
  • “Giving Our All the Poor Soldiers”: Jewish Women and the Civil War
  • Women Who Would Be Rabbis: The Battle for Women’s Ordination
  • Yentl: From Yeshiva Boy to Syndrom
  • ‘The Synagog shall Hear the Call of the Sister’: The History of Synagogue Sisterhoods

Vanessa Ochs

  • New Jewish Ritual
  • Women of the Wall
  • The Jewish Wedding

Riv-Ellen Prell

  • Is the First Amendment Good for American Jews: Religious Freedom on the College Campus and in the Culture
  • What is New About American Jewish Culture in the 21st Century?
  • Baby Boomers and their Jewish Summer Camps: The Making of a Cultural Revolution

Adam Rovner

  • Nervous Wrecks: Jewish Men and the Women They Love in American Comedy
  • Jewish Authors in Search of a Promised Land: The Story of Jewish Territorialism

Jonathan Sarna

  • Looking Ahead: American Judaism in the 21st Century

Shuly Rubin Schwartz

  • Baskin-Robbins Has 31 Flavors – How About American Judaism?
  • From Jewess Jeans to Juicy JAPs: Clothing and Jewish Stereotypes
  • Goodbye, Columbus, Hello Christopher: The Evolution of American Jewry

Leonard Saxe

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel/Engaging Jewish Young Adults with Israel and their Jewish Identity
  • The Size and Character of the American Jewish Population/Is the U.S. Jewish Community Assimilating Away?
  • The Jewish Future in America: Musings of Social Scientist

Ilan Troen

  • Comparing America and Israel; Or, Can/should Israel be Americanized?