History of Israel and Zionism

History of Israel and ZionismJewish children are on their way to Palestine (1945) - T4c. J. E. Myers

Yael S. Aronoff

  • The Political Psychology of Israeli Prime Ministers: When Hard-Liners Opt for Peace
  • Prospects for Peace: Progress and Setbacks in Negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement
  • The Challenges of Asymmetric Conflict: Continuing Questions from the Israeli Experience
  • Shifting Sands in the Middle East: Opportunities and Challenges for Israel
  • US-Israeli Relations in a Changing Middle East

Ross Brann

  • Religious Nationalism and the Israel-Palestinian Conflict
  • WWI and the Making and Breaking of the Modern Middle East

Kimmy Caplan

  • Does Religious Zionism Exist?

Matt Goldish

  • The ‘Old Yishuv’: The Jewish Community in the Land of Israel on the Eve of Zionism
  • Kabbalat Shabbat: History and Mystery in the Mystical City of Safed

James Loeffler

  • Zionism and Human Rights: A Forgotten History

Howard Lupovitch

  • Herzl and Nordau: Zionism’s Hungarian Roots

Carol Meyers

  • Holy Land Archaeology: Where the Past Meets the Present (ppt)

Joshua Shanes

  • Zionism: Ancient Dream or Modern Revolution