Jewish Music and Dance

Magnes Collection: Postcard [2014.0.9.277]: Mein Yingele
Mein Yingele, Postcard - Magnes Collection [2014.0.9.277]

Debra Caplan

  • The World of Yiddish Theater
  • Make Them Laugh: Molly Picon’s Comedic Legacy
  • Jewish Theater in America Today

Judah Cohen

  • Personalized Synagogue Musical History
  • Debbie Friedman as Liturgist, Composer, and Musician
  • Anne Frank: A Musical Legacy
  • Adding the Soundtrack: A New View on American Jewish Liturgy
  • The Cantor in American Jewish Life
  • Rethinking Jewish Music: Exploring New Paradigms
  • What We Can Learn from Holocaust-themed Musicals
  • Emerging American Jewish Sounds:  The (Intentionally) Forgotten 19th Century

Warren Hoffman

  • Jews, Whiteness, and the Broadway Musical

James Loeffler

  • Beyond Babi Yar: The Holocaust in Soviet Music

Carol Meyers

  • Women and Music in Ancient Israel (ppt)
  • Miriam, Music, and Miracles

Jeffrey Veidlinger

  • Acting Jewish: Yiddish Theater in Stalin’s Russia