Jewish Visual Art and Culture

Magnes Collection: Magnes Collection, "Untitled (Orange Tree)"
C-print by Tal Shochat (Israel, 2005)

Samantha Baskind

  • What is Jewish Art?: Controversy and Confusion
  • Superman’s “Jewish origins” and Other Thoughts on Jews and Comics
  • The Warsaw Ghetto in the American Cultural Imagination
  • Art and the Holocaust: Survival and Remembrance
  • Rembrandt and the Jews in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam
  • Artistic Odyssey and Precedent in Chaim Potok’s My Name is Asher Lev

Debra Caplan

  • The World of Yiddish Theater
  • Make Them Laugh: Molly Picon’s Comedic Legacy
  • Jewish Theater in America Today

Deborah Dash Moore

  • Jewish Photographer Picture the Modern World

Warren Hoffman

  • Jews, Whiteness, and the Broadway Musical

Laura Lieber

  • Jewish Theater in the Ancient World

Ted Merwin

  • Mixed Blessings: Jewish-Christian Intermarriage in American Comedy
  • Between the Sheets: Sex in Jewish Culture

Carol Meyers

  • Holy Land Archaeology: Where the Past Meets the Present (ppt)
  • The Menorah in the Bible: From Moses to the Maccabees (ppt)
  • Mosaics and Multiculturalism: Discoveries at Ancient Sepphoris (ppt)
  • Piety and Pragmatism: Ancient Synagogues of Galilee (ppt)


  • Jewish Visual Art and Culture

Jeffrey Shandler

  • The Holocaust on American Television

Jeffrey Veidlinger

  • Marc Chagall and the Artists of the Soviet Yiddish Theater

Beth S. Wenger

  • Sculpting an American Jewish Hero: The Myths and Monuments of Haym Salomon