Medieval and Early Modern History and Culture

Magnes Collection Shiviti Amulet (Taddana, Morocco; 19th Century) - Magnes Collection [89.0.3]

David Freidenreich

  • Muslims Killed Christ? A Preposterous Medieval Allegation and Its Implications

Robert Goldenberg

  • Death and the Afterlife in Jewish Tradition

Matt Goldish

  • The Christian Hebraists of the Renaissance and Reformation
  • Spinoza and Other Dissenters in the Amsterdam Jewish Community
  • From Shylock to Cromwell: The Background of the Jews’ Readmission to England

Ruth Langer

  • From Cursing the Christians to Eliminating Evil: The Censorship and Transformation of the Birkat HaMinim

Sara Lipton

  • Jewish-christian Relations in the High Middle Ages
  • Medieval Antisemitism
  • Jews in Christian Art
  • Rhetoric and Violence: Connections and Effects
  • Jews and Crusaders

Jonathan Ray

  • Who Was a Jew in the Middle Ages? Jews, Conversion, and the Question of Religious Identity
  • Holy Lands: Sacred Places in Jewish History

Sven-Erik Rose

  • Spinoza between the German Liberalism of Berthold Auerbach and Cosmopolitan Communism of Moses Hess

David R. Ruderman

  • Jewish-Christian Interactions in the Early Modern and Modern Period
  • Early Modern Jewish History and Thought
  • Medicine, Science, and Jewish Culture
  • Jewish Culture in Renaissance and Baroque Italy
  • Kabbalah and Science
  • Print and the Transformation of Jewish Culture

Robert M. Seltzer

  • All of Jewish History in One Hour and a Little More

Jeffrey Shoulson

  • Shakespeare and Shylock

Magda Teter

  • Understanding Modernity through Premodern Jewish History
  • Jewish Integration and Identity before Modernity
  • Jews in European Christian Imagination