Modern Jewish History in Europe, Asia, and Africa

Ketubbah; Kolkata, India; November 7, 1915 [74.0.5] - Magnes Collection
Magnes Collection,
Ketubbah (Kolkata, India, November 7, 1915)

Murray Baumgarten

  • 2016: the Venice Ghetto at 500

Dean Bell

  • History of the Jews in German
  • The Meaning of History to Jews

Jay Berkovitz

  • Does Jewish History Repeat Itself? Paradigm, Myth, and Tradition
  • French and Jewish: Defining a Modern Jewish Identity
  • Inside the Metz Beit Din: Law and Historical Narrative in the Eighteenth Century
  • Jews into Citizens: The French Revolution and Modern Jewish History

David Biale

  • Blood in Modern Jewish Culture

Julia Philips Cohen

  • Remembering 1492: Sephardi Jews and the Spanish Past

Judah Cohen

  • Jewish Life in St. Thomas:  Putting The Marriage of Opposites in Context

Deborah Dash Moore

  • Gender and Jewish History

Hasia Diner

  • Wandering Jews: Peddlers, Migrations, and the Discovery of New Worlds

Glenn Dynner

  • Jews and Booze: The Iconic Jewish Tavernkeeper in Eastern Europe
  • The Rise of Hasidism: Ideological and Economic Underpinnings

Todd M. Endelman

  • Why European Jews Became Christians in the Modern Era
  • The Last Anglo-Jewish Gentleman: Redcliffe Nathan Salaman – Communal Notable and Race Scientist

David Engel

  • The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in Changing Retrospect
  • A Jewish Collaborator Confesses: The Strange Life and Afterlife of Calek Perechodnik
  • The Holocaust and Modernity Reconsidered
  • Jewish-Ukrainian Relations in the Twentieth Century
  • Why Be Jewish? Historical Perspectives on Twentieth Century Answers

Jane Gerber

  • The Return of the Jews to Iberia in Modern Times

Samuel Heilman

  • Jewish Studies in China

Jonathan M. Hess

  • Literature, Art and the Invention of the Ghetto: German Jewry’s Romance with the Jewish Past
  • Assimilation and Its Discontents: Untold Tales from the Early History of Reform Judaism
  • Germans, Jews, and the Theatre

Gershon D. Hundert

  • Ashkenazic Views of Sephardi Jews in the 18th-19th Centuries
  • Keys to the Jewish Experience in Old Poland
  • Somersaults and Scandal in Early Hasidism
  • The Making of the YIVO Encyclopedia
  • Why (and How) We Made the YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe and Why There is No Definite Article in the Title
  • Modernity in Jewish History
  • Who Stood at Sinai? On The Limits of Loyalty
  • A Galician Jewish Wine Merchant in the 18th Century
  • The Beginnings of Hasidism: New Views

Richard Kalmin

  • Jesus in the Talmud

Thomas Pegelow Kaplan

  • Struggling for Survival: German Jews, Germans of Jewish Ancestry and the Contestation of ‘Racial’ Descent in the Hitler State

Berel Lang

  • Hyphenated-Jews and the Anxiety of Identity

Lisa Moses Leff

  • France and the Jews: History of a Love/Hate Relationship
  • The Rise of Jewish Internationalism in the Modern World
  • Who Owns French Jewish History? The Strange Story of Zosa Szajkowski, Archive Salvager, Historian and Thief

Emily J. Levine

  • Capital, Culture, and the City: Hamburg as the “Other” Weimar Republic
  • Aby Warburg, Erwin Panofsky, and Iconology as a Jewish Way of Seeing?
  • From Bauhaus to Black Mountain: German Jews and the Birth of the American Avant-Garde
  • A Short History of European Anti-Semitism

James Loeffler

  • Beyond Babi Yar: The Holocaust in Soviet Music
  • A Long Tradition?: How Jewish Lawyers Remade International Law and Reinvented Jewishness
  • The 1960 Swastika Epidemic: Lessons from the First Legal Fight against Global Antisemitism

Howard Lupovitch

  • The City: a Laboratory of Modern Jewish Identity
  • Neolog: Hungarian Jewry’s Silent Moderate Majority
  • Herzl and Nordau: Zionism’s Hungarian Roots

Michael A. Meyer

  • Jewish Life in Nazi Germany
  • The Legacy of German Jewry

David N. Myers

  • The Past and Future of Jewish Studies
  • Sovereign Self, Sovereign State: Two Forms of Sovereignty in Modern Jewish History

Derek J. Penslar

  • Jews and Money: Secrets of Success
  • The Jewish Soldier in Jewish Memory
  • Fighting for Rights: Conscription and Jewish Emancipation
  • The Army as a Jewish Career in the Modern World
  • When May We Kill our Brethren? Jews at War in Modern Europe
  • The Jewish Soldier in the 20th Century: From Participant to Victim

Antony Polonsky

  • The Jews of Poland and Russia: Myth and Reality
  • Coming to Terms with the ‘Dark Past’ in Poland and Lithuania
  • Julian Tuwim: the Polish Heine
  • The Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw: A new approach to the history of Jews in Poland
  • Writing the History of the Jews of Russia and Poland
  • Polish-Jewish Relations since 1984: Reflections of a Participant

Jonathan Ray

  • Holy Lands: Sacred Places in Jewish History
  • Religion, Race, or Nation? Re-Defining Jews in the Modern World

Adam Rovner

  • Social Revolutionaries and the Search for a Jewish Homeland in Australia

Marsha Rozenblit

  • How Jewish were Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, and Theodor Herzl?
  • The Dilemmas of Assimilation: Jewish Identity in the the Habsburg Monarchy in the Nineteenth Century
  • The Jews of Sigmund Freud’s Vienna
  • The Jews of Vienna between Assimilation and Jewish Identity
  • The Jews of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest
  • Were the Jews Germans? The Dilemmas of Jews in Central Europe in the Nineteenth Century

Robert M. Seltzer

  • All of Jewish History in One Hour and a Little More

Jeffrey Shandler

  • Behold the Vanished World: Visions of Prewar East European Jewish Life after the Holocaust

Joshua Shanes

  • Galitsyaners: (Re)discovering Jewish Galicia
  • Hasidism: Origins to Mass Movement

David Shneer

  • When Yiddish Came to North Korea: Yiddish Music Between Fascism and Communism
  • Singing Between Two Worlds: Lin Jaldati and Yiddish Music in Divided Berlin
  • Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Photography, War, and the Holocaust

Jeffrey Shoulson

  • Prayer for the Government: Jews and Citizenship

Anna Shternshis

  • Why Are Russian Jews The Way They Are?
  • Holocaust in the Soviet Union
  • Post-Soviet Jewish Culture
  • Yiddish Culture in the Soviet Union
  • Yiddish Music in the Soviet Union
  • Dark Family Secrets in the Land of Eternal Happiness: How Soviet Jews Did Not Forget the Holocaust
  • Escape and Evacuation of Soviet Jews to the Soviet Rear during World War II

David Sorkin

  • Comparing Jewish Emancipation in Europe and America
  • To the Jews as a Nation’: Clermont-Tonnerre, The French Revolution and the Career of a Quotation

Sarah Abrevaya Stein

  • Jews and Plumes: Ostrich Feathers and Global Commerce

Magda Teter

  • Jewish-Catholic Relations: Continuity and Change in the Vatican II Declaration “Nostra Aetate”
  • Jews in Eastern Europe: Looking beyond the Shtetl
  • Jewish-Catholic Dialogue in Post-War Poland
  • Jews and the Catholic Church
  • Understanding Modernity through Premodern Jewish History

Jeffrey Veidlinger

  • Pogroms, Peace, War, Revolution and Holocaust
  • Listening and Remembering: Experiences in Oral History
  • Acting Jewish: Yiddish Theater in Stalin’s Russia
  • Some Kind of Victory: Jewish Life in the Postwar Soviet Union
  • The Shoah in the Shtetl: Holocaust Memories from Ukraine

Steven J. Zipperstein

  • Beyond Fiddler, Beyond Foer: Russian Jewish life as it was at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
  • Shtetl, Myth and Counter-myth in History, Literature, and Elsewhere