Modern Jewish Literature

4268937_bfcf1e6dbc_zMarc Chagall, Birthday

Murray Baumgarten

  • New York Jewish Writers and the Argument for Justice
  • Victorian Women Travelers and Dara Horn’s NeoVictorian Guide for the Perplexed
  • Dickens and the Jews
  • Venice, the Jews, and Italian Culture
  • Primo Levi and the Holocaust
  • Philip Roth and Contemporary American Literature
  • Mi Panama: A Memoir of Growing Up
  • Primo Levi’s ‘Small Differences:’ Chemistry, Fascism, and Jewish Possibility

David Kraemer

  • Manuscripts, Books and E-books: The Future of Jewish Study

Berel Lang

  • Holocaust Literature

Leslie Morris

  • Jewish Culture in Germany Post-1989
  • Jewish Berlin: Textual / Digital / Sacred / Provisional

Antony Polonsky

  • Julian Tuwim: the Polish Heine

Shuly Rubin Schwartz

  • Goodbye, Columbus, Hello Christopher: The Evolution of American Jewry

Steven J. Zipperstein

  • Shtetl, Myth and Counter-myth in History, Literature, and Elsewhere
  • From Isaac Babel to Philip Roth: A Jewish Literary Tour of the Last Century