Modern Jewish Thought and Theology

Modern Jewish Thought Hedda Sterne, No X (1948)

Glenn Dynner

  • Jews and Booze: The Iconic Jewish Tavernkeeper in Eastern Europe
  • The Rise of Hasidism: Ideological and Economic Underpinnings
  • “Godfearers”:  Hasidism and Orthodoxy in Poland Before and During the Holocaust

Reuven Firestone

  • Who Are the (Real) Chosen People?: The Meaning of Chosenness in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Robert Goldenberg

  • A New Attempt to Define Jewish Identity
  • Death and the Afterlife in Jewish Tradition
  • National Catastrophe in the History of Jewish Thought

Jeffrey S. Gurock

  • A Modern Heretic and a Traditional Community: Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan and American Orthodoxy

Susannah Heschel

  • From Jesus to Shylock: The Merchant of Venice in Theological Context
  • Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: Reflections on the Life and Thought of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Debra Renee Kaufman

  • What Makes Secular Jews Jewish?
  • Beyond Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: Can You Still Be Jewish?
  • The Jewish Future Isn’t What It Used to Be: Jewish but Not by Religion
  • Re-imaging/Imagining Pew’s 2016 Portrait of Orthodoxy

Shaul Kelner

  • Sociology and Judaism: Theory and Theology

James Loeffler

  • A Long Tradition?: How Jewish Lawyers Remade International Law and Reinvented Jewishness
  • Zionism and Human Rights: A Forgotten History

Vanessa Ochs

  • The Coconut on the Seder Plate: A Biography of the Contemporary Haggadah
  • New Jewish Ritual
  • The Jewish Wedding

Sven-Erik Rose

  • Hegel’s State and the Origins of Jewish Studies in 1820s Germany

David R. Ruderman

  • Early Modern Jewish History and Thought
  • Anglo-Jewish Thought

Kenneth Seeskin

  • Is Judaism Really Monotheistic?
  • Did the Exodus from Egypt Really Succeed?
  • What the Bible Can/Cannot Teach us about God?
  • The Coming of the Messiah – Pandora’s Box or the Elixir of Life?
  • Why Religion Isn’t Just Applied Ethics

Robert M. Seltzer

  • The Future of Liberal Religious Judaism
  • Main Tendencies in Modern Jewish Thought
  • Simon Dubnow and Modern Theories of Jewish History

Magda Teter

  • Jews and the Catholic Church
  • Jewish-Catholic Relations: Continuity and Change in the Vatican II Declaration “Nostra Aetate”
  • Jews in European Christian Imagination