Monuments, Museums, and Jewish Memorial Culture

Berlin Jewish Museum Berlin Jewish Museum

Judah M. Cohen

  • Personalized Synagogue Musical History
  • Musical Theater and American Holocaust Memory

Hasia Diner

  • The Lower East Side and American Jewish Memory

Ruth Langer

  • Constructing Memory in Jewish Liturgy

Carol Meyers

  • Holy Land Archaeology: Where the Past Meets the Present (ppt)

Pamela S. Nadell

  • Telling the American Jewish Story on Independence Mall: The National Museum of American Jewish History

Annie Polland

  • Tenement Museum/Public History
  • Lower East Side History

Jeffrey Shandler

  • Behold the Vanished World: Visions of Prewar East European Jewish Life after the Holocaust

Jeffrey Veidlinger

  • Listening and Remembering: Experiences in Oral History
  • The Shoah in the Shtetl: Holocaust Memories from Ukraine

Beth S. Wenger

  • The Lower East Side in American Jewish Memory

Yael Zerubavel

  • Heritage, National Memory, and Identity Politics in Israel
  • Israeli Public Memorials: Memory and Oblivion
  • Trauma and Memory in Israeli Literature and Film