Rabbinic Literature and Culture

Torah Pointer with Hand-Shaped Tip and Twelve Bells; Yemen; 1901–73 [73.45] - Magnes Collection Torah Pointer with Hand-Shaped Tip and Twelve Bells; Yemen; 1901–73 [73.45] - Magnes Collection

Carol Bakhos

  • The Book of Genesis in Rabbinic Literature
  • The Sacrifice of the Sons of Abraham in Judaism and Islam
  • The Sons of Abraham in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • What’s Abrahamic about Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

Maya Balakirsky Katz

  • Facing the Subject: Rabbinical Portraiture and the Female Gaze

Marc Zvi Brettler

  • Rabbinic Prayer: Continuity and Discontinuity with the Bible
  • From the Bible to The Rabbis: Late Biblical Texts as Transitional

Richard A. Freund

  • Rabbinic and New Testament Archaeology: The Top Ten Discoveries of the 21st Century

Robert Goldenberg

  • Spirituality in the Talmud

Matt Goldish

  • Jewish Tales from the Responsa: Stories of Jews in a Legal Genre
  • The Rhetoric of Rabbinic Power in the Talmud

Christine E. Hayes

  • Where is an Authentic Jewish Life Possible? Center and Diaspora in Classical Jewish Sources
  • The Moses of Midrash: God’s Partner or Adversary
  • Divine Law: A Tale of Two Concepts and Three Responses
  • God’s Critics: Ancient Perspectives on Morality and Biblical Law
  • The Abrogation of Torah Law: The Two Talmuds Compared

R. Neis

  • Humans, Animals, and Hybrids in Rabbinic Literature
  • Rabbis and Idols
  • Rabbis as Icons
  • Rabbinic Sexuality
  • A Jewish History of the Senses
  • Rabbis as Holy Men
  • Praying with the Body
  • Seeing God in Antiquity
  • Jewish Visual Art and Culture

Jeffrey L. Rubenstein

  • Rabbinic Stories: From History to Literature
  • The Talmudic Ethic of Dignity and Shame
  • Love Babylonian Style: Stories of Rabbis and Wives
  • New Light on the Editing of the Talmud: Stories of the Late Babylonian Academy
  • Why the Righteous Suffer? Some Radical Talmudic Perspectives
  • Tradition and Change: The Metamorphosis of Narratives in the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds

Benjamin D. Sommer

  • Seeing a Sound: Revelation at Sinai in the Bible and Jewish Tradition
    • The Earliest Torahs: Revelation and Lawgiving according to J, E, and P
    • The Earliest Torah Commentary: D’s Account of the Lawgiving
  • The Two Torahs, and What They Tell Us about How the Rabbis Remade Judaism