Yiddish Literature, Language, Culture


Maya Balakirsky Katz

  • The Soviet Mickey Mouse: Jews in Soviet Animation

Jeffrey Shandler

  • Tchotchkes: American Yiddish Material Culture after World War II

David Shneer

  • When Yiddish Came to North Korea: Yiddish Music Between Fascism and Communism
  • Singing Between Two Worlds: Lin Jaldati and Yiddish Music in Divided Berlin

Anna Shternshis

  • Yiddish Culture in the Soviet Union
  • Yiddish Music in the Soviet Union

Jeffrey Veidlinger

  • Listening and Remembering: Experiences in Oral History
  • Acting Jewish: Yiddish Theater in Stalin’s Russia
  • Marc Chagall and the Artists of the Soviet Yiddish Theater