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Dr. Hartley Lachter is associate professor of Religion Studies and director of the Berman Center for Jewish Studies at Lehigh University.  He earned his Ph.D in 2004 from New York University in the field of medieval Jewish mysticism. His current research examines the rapid spread of Kabbalah in the late 13th century in Spain, and considers the relationship of this phenomenon to Jewish-Christian polemics and the conditions of Jewish life in medieval Europe. Dr. Lachter’s most recent publication is entitled, Kabbalistic Revolution: Re-imagining Judaism in Medieval Spain. He lives in Allentown, Pa, with his wife, Dr. Jessica Cooperman, and their two daughters, Zoe and Mollie.


  • Human Bodies in Divine Form: Jewish Engagement with Christianity in Medieval Kabbalah
  • Jewish Mysticism Then and Now: Kabbalah as a Cultural Phenomenon from the Middle Ages to Madonna
  • Reimagining Judaism: Kabbalah as a Medieval Jewish Revolution
  • Was Maimonides Radical?
  • Kabbalah in a Surprising Place: On the Role of Jewish Mysticism in Early Mormon Theology
  • Shabbtai Zvi, the Mystical Messiah: Why They Loved Him Before They Hated Him
  • Expelled: Jewish Exiles and the Shaping of Jewish Identity