Colby College

David Freidenreich

David M. Freidenreich is the Pulver Family Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Colby College and director of its Jewish studies program.  After receiving a B.A. from Brandeis University, he earned his Ph.D. at Columbia University and rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary.  His award-winning first book, Foreigners and Their Food: Constructing Otherness in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Law, explores attitudes toward adherents of foreign religions expressed in ancient and medieval laws about sharing food. He is currently studying the ways Christians have used ideas about Jews to think about Muslims.

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  • Muslims Killed Christ? A Preposterous Medieval Allegation and Its Implications
  • Encountering Islam: An Introduction for American Jews
  • Food and Identity in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Ways of Walking: Jewish Law and Islamic Law
  • What Makes Food Jewish? (Or: The Jewishness of Chinese Food)