University of Minnesota

Riv-Ellen PrellRiv-Ellen Prell, an anthropologist, is Professor of American Studies and Director for Jewish Studies at the University of Minnesota.  She is the author of Prayer and Community: the Havurah in American Judaism (awarded the National Jewish Books Award), Fighting to Become Americans: Jews, Gender and the Anxiety of Assimilation, and Editor of Women Remaking American Judaism and Interpreting Women’s Lives: Feminist Theory and Personal Narratives. Her work on American Jewish culture is interested in the ways that Jewishness emerges out of the intersection of culture, class, gender and sexuality in the United States.


  • Baby Boomers and their Jewish Summer Camps: The Making of a Cultural Revolution
  • How Feminism Remade American Judaism
  • Is the First Amendment Good for American Jews: Religious Freedom on the College Campus and in the Culture
  • What is New About American Jewish Culture in the 21st Century?