Stony Brook University, SUNY

Robert Goldenberg

After over 30 years teaching Judaic Studies at Stony Brook University, Robert Goldenberg recently retired and moved to Princeton, New Jersey.  Dr. Goldenberg taught courses on Jewish history, Jewish thought (early and modern), and the ancient Greeks and Romans, and published widely in those same fields.


  • A New Attempt to Define Jewish Identity
  • Ancient Judaism and the Religions of Other People
  • Ancient Judaism and Globalization
  • Death and the Afterlife in Jewish Tradition
  • National Catastrophe in the History of Jewish Thought
  • Some Thoughts about Jewish Magic
  • Spirituality in the Talmud
  • The Jews Among the Greeks and the Romans
  • Judaism and Hellenism: Conflict or Synthesis (or both)?
  • Who Were the Prophets, and What Were They Trying to Do?
  • The Jews and the Roman Empire