University of California, Davis

Sven-Erik Rose is an associate professor of German and of Comparative Literature, and an affiliate of the Jewish Studies Program, at the University of California, Davis. His book Jewish Philosophical Politics in Germany, 1789–1848, published by Brandeis University Press in 2014, was awarded the  2015 Jordan Schnitzer Book Award  for Philosophy and Jewish Thought. He has published articles on German, French, Swedish, and Yiddish literature, cinema, and thought in journals including Eighteenth Century Studies, French StudiesThe Goethe Yearbook, Jewish Social StudiesNew German Critique, and Postmodern Culture. He was also the guest editor of a special issue of New German Critique: Ambivalent Sites of Memory in Postwar Germany, 2011. His current book project, The Holocaust and the Archive, examines understudied texts written by Jewish authors in Nazi ghettos and likewise relatively overlooked bodies of Holocaust survivor testimony of the immediate post-WWII era.


  • Hunger and Literary Form in Holocaust Ghetto Writings
  • Hegel’s State and the Origins of Jewish Studies in 1820s Germany
  • Spinoza between the German Liberalism of Berthold Auerbach and Cosmopolitan Communism of Moses Hess